28 June 2018

The Australian Civil Space Strategy

April 2019

A comment on the 2019-20 federal budget's space commitments

The 2019-2020 federal budget commits to a $19.5 million-dollar Space Infrastructure Fund over the next 10 years. This funding is on top of the some $302 million allocated to space services in the government's 2018-2019 budget.


Established in July 2018 the Australian Space Agency aims to foster a national space sector worth $10 - $12 billion by 2030. The government’s recent budget announcement of the Space Infrastructure Fund lays out a plan to reach this goal.

Part of that plan is the Australian Civil Space Strategy which addresses two key challenges:

1) growing international access for Australian research and industry and

2) setting legal and regulatory frameworks meeting international obligations while ensuring safety and growth.

In approaching these challenges, the Strategy intends to diversify the space economy and develop national capabilities in areas of competitive advantage.

Implementation of the Strategy

The role of the Agency is to coordinate Australia's space activities and support the growth of Australia's space industry. The Agency is responsible to regulating the industry and ensuring Australia complies with its international obligations.

The Strategy reinforces these responsibilities and outlines seven national civil space priority areas including location services, communications and automation.

Upon finalising the rules relating to launches from Australia and to Australian satellite operators, the Agency will turn attention to those priority areas with investment in leapfrog technologies, robotics, access to space and space situational awareness.

The Agency will report on these implementation measures every two years and will review as necessary.

While the committed funding is welcomed, the space community remains uncertain as to what extent these commitments to Australian space are bipartisan or varied.

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